Monday, 27 July 2015

Endoscopy Courses in Mumbai

Endoscopy deals with complete examination of  interior part of body using a device called Endoscope. An Endoscope device is inserted through interior opening such as mouth or anus. The field of Endoscopy has been developed highly in last few years. It became an unavoidable part of medicine. Apart from examining part of organ endoscopy has many practical applications. Endoscopy may be used for detection, diagnosis and treatment for diseases such as cancer.The principles of humanism must be followed when a lecturer  is teaching endoscopy to their students. A well structured and efficient level of training is required for endoscopy aspirant students who want to explore their career in endoscopy. The best training program in endoscopy should ideally include lecturer classes and practical training with help of didactic videos on a computer based environment.

A number of “advanced training programs” have already been established in Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training. In many developed countries assure competence in highly technical procedures of endoscopy, and others are evolving in many developing countries. Even when competence of endoscopy is achieved, its persistence cannot be assumed. Some institutes have already developed many quality assurance programs to enhance this field to a large world.
CEMAST- Center of excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training is Conducting Course on  Endoscopy under the leadership of Expert Faculties who are well Experienced in Surgical Operation.

 Cemast offers Following Endoscopy Courses.

Flexible Endoscopy Training Course

Upper GI Flexible Endoscopy Course

Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgery Course

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